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With a profound history exceeding 180 years, Türk Telekom stands as Turkey's first integrated telecommunication operator. As a testament to its leadership position and unmatched market influence, Türk Telekom is not only a cornerstone of the industry but also a publicly listed entity on the stock market. Türk Telekom, as of June 30, 2023, serves a vast subscriber base, including 17.3 million fixed access lines, 15.0 million broadband, 2.9 million TV, and 25.6 million mobile users.

At Altosec, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Türk Telekom, initiated in 2019. Our cloud-based Web Application Firewall and DDoS prevention solution have been integrated across various data centers of Türk Telekom, harnessing a distributed infrastructure. This partnership highlights Türk Telekom's dedication to enhancing its offerings with advanced cybersecurity measures, and we're privileged to join them on this path.

For more insights on our solution, please visit Türk Telekom's official website.


ASELSAN is a company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, established in 1975 in order to meet the communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces by national means. Currently 74,20% of the shares are owned by the Foundation whereas the remaining 25,8% runs in Borsa Istanbul stock market. ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company of Turkey whose product portfolio comprises communication and information technologies, electronic warfare, avionics, weapon systems, air defence and more.

Through our collaboration with Aselsan, we have built and developed a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Load Balancer appliance with AI support. Drawing from Aselsan's rich insights and technological strengths, our solution emerges as a state-of-the-art firewall that's not only advanced but also robust, reliable, and adeptly designed to tackle contemporary cybersecurity challenges.

For more insights on our solution, please visit Aselsan's official website.

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