DDOS Protection

Altosec can protect your company against any DDoS threat.

DDOS Protection

Existing DDoS prevention systems defense against high traffic DDoS attacks on layers 3 and 4 where traffic exceeding the defined range occurs. These solutions do not have measures to respond to low traffic DDoS attacks and produce false positives.

Altosec, on the other hand, responds to attacks at the application level with very low false positive rate.

Backbone DDoS Protection intercepts attacks in the backbone of the service provider before they can reach the company’s Internet connection and prevents it from becoming overloaded.

On-premise WAFs typically process limited data where Altosec dynamically updates protection rules by collecting attack information from all customers.

No need for DDOS mitigation in other scrubbing centers in different countries. Local traffic can be cleaned within the jurisdiction for faster response.

Automatically detects and mitigates attacks exploiting application and web server vulnerabilities

If you have mission critical applications on the Internet

If you are providing online services for your customers

If you want your sensitive data stays where you are

If you want to protect your applications with low cost

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