Secure DNS

Altosec DNS servers are located in three major operators' data centers in Turkey and in different geographic regions including US, Europe and Asia. With the Anycast routing method, you can get reliable, secure, scalable and high performance DNS service.


Simplicity: The user-friendly simple web interface makes the management of DNS records much easier.

Speed: If you need to move your web sites to another server or move your servers to another data center, your record change takes place in seconds instead of 24-72 hours.

Security: DNS security is provided without the need to pay an additional fee for DDOS.

Performance: With Anycast network, DNS requests are automatically routed to the nearest location and latency is reduced.

Redundancy: 24/7 availability and zero downtime with DNS servers located all around the world

Cost: Rather than building redundant infrastructure, you pay less for a service that will be maintained by people who understand DNS deeply.

Protection for DNS against network and application layer attacks

Altosec stays in front of your DNS server as the first destination for all DNS queries. Acting as a secure secondary DNS, Altosec then prevents illegal DNS queries to avoid interruption of service. We provide a large number of professional features and tools for Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS. We support all types of DNS records and settings you need.


Devices connected to the Internet or any other network use an IP address to send data to each other. End users who want to visit your web site types URL (i.e. in browsers instead of an IP address. DNS translates the domain name into the IP address of the website. Once you have found the IP address, your computer can connect to the web server and the web page is displayed. When an end user in the UK tries to access your website in Turkey, DNS response will take a little longer to return.

In Anycast, a server cluster shares the same IP address. Your website's DNS information is copied to the Altosec servers at different locations around the world. Anycast DNS allows to direct the request as close as possible. Your visitors automatically receive information from the nearest location to ensure fastest loading time and also lower latency.

For instance, you need to get medicine from a pharmacy and search the address of a pharmacy in the GPS navigation app on your mobile phone. The app will take you to your nearest pharmacy. If the road is closed, it will reroute you to the next closest pharmacy.

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