With Altosec CDN, your limited bandwidth capacity is less used. The end user is connected to the geographically closest server and gets faster service. Your website ranks higher on Google with increased SEO score


To minimize the distance between the visitors and your website’s server, Altosec stores a cached version of its content in multiple servers.

Does not only cache static content but can also deliver the best device data for your backend application to use.

Users are redirected to the nearest Altosec server so the page loads faster, the web application runs faster.

Data usage on your local network is reduced when accessing large files and consume less bandwidth.

Prevents your website from becoming inaccessible when your server may not be able to properly handle a large spike in traffic.

Activated by simple DNS change - no hardware or software installation, integration or changes to the website.


You can get real-time monitoring of your services, applications and servers with the dashboard that summarizes website traffic information and security events.

User friendly dashboard

Availability and performance notifications via email and SMS

Detailed reporting (session count, load time,etc.)

Customizable screens and graphics

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