Web Application Firewall

Most of the organizations require high security and performance but do not have enough cyber security resources. Instead of high-cost or hard-to-manage solutions, Altosec WAF automatically prevents new attacks and vulnerabilities without the need for customization.

Altosec's cloud-based WAF solution protects your website against any application layer attacks.

Altosec, performs mitigation before traffic reaches your web server.

  • Starts working immediately when you change the A record on your DNS server with Altosec IP address.
  • All traffic is routed to the WAF, filtered and sent directly to your original servers.
  • 7/24 uninterrupted service with redundant WAF service running in different data centers.
  • On-premise WAFs need to be updated regularly to protect against new threats. You do not need to make any software or hardware changes with Altosec.
  • You do not have to employ security specialist at your organization.
  • You can pay as you need with the scalable infrastructure.

Monitor and manage your web server

You can get real-time monitoring of your web usage with the dashboard that summarizes website traffic information and security events.

  • User friendly dashboard
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customizable screens and graphics

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