Load Balancer

Traditional load balancing solutions rely on proprietary hardware housed in a system room or data center. Experienced IT team is needed to install and maintain these systems. Only large companies with large IT budgets can benefit from performance and reliability.

Altosec's load balancer can deliver the performance and reliability benefits of hardware‑based solutions at a much lower cost.

Local server load balancer (LSLB)

  • Traffic is distributed across multiple servers within your data center based on your distribution policy.
  • Basic and advanced LB methods including static and weighted round-robin, weighted least connection, client IP or URI-hash based.
  • It can decrypt SSL / TLS traffic and speed up your HTTPS traffic. In addition, you can safely keep your organization's certificate in your country.
  • Continuous monitoring ensures that traffic is routed to the most suitable server.
  • All routing changes occur without TTL-related delays.

Load balancing for servers in different geographical locations (GSLB)

Global server load balancer (GSLB) directs network traffic to a group of data centers in various geographical locations. Altosec can balance the load across data centers by directing client requests to the closest or best performing data center, or to surviving data centers in case of an outage.

IPv6 Support

There are billions of devices on the Internet and IPv4 (32-bit) has been used up. Switching to IPv6, which offers a bigger address space and security for the mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IOT), is inevitable.
Upgrading the entire infrastructure from IPv4 to IPv6 is difficult, time consuming and expensive for the organizations. You can easily migrate your applications from IPv4 to IPv6 by simply routing your traffic through the Altosec network, without any software or hardware changes.

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